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Excavated Artifacts - Bullets in wood, Swords, Bayonets, Gun Parts, Dug Bullets, Buttons, etc.
Item # Name Price
ART527 7 Bullets in wood, 1 piece $1,950.00
ART512 A Button Coat $225.00
ART515 A Button Coat $150.00
ART524 Bullet in Cedar wood $250.00
ART525 Bullet in Cedar wood $225.00
ART526 Bullet in Heart Pine $245.00
ART511 C Button Coat $250.00
ART523 Case of Relics $250.00
ART514 I Button Coat $125.00
ART513 Lined I Button Coat $150.00
ART516 Manuscript I $225.00
ART517 Thistle Button $2,500.00

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